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only text appearing

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Hi, i'm all new to this so need some expert advice.

I have install apache 2.0.58 and php 5.1.4 and developing pages in dreamweaver.

Once I have created the page and then clicked the "put files" button then F12 to view them in Firefox I only get the source code. I tried to preview in Explorer also, the page goes appear here but forms dont work, viewing the page source in Explorer the dynamic code is still there when I am lead to believe that it should have resolved itself and not appear.

Anyone come accross this?

Thanks in advance,

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php files need to run on a server, so the way to view them 'locally' is to navigate to [a href=\"http://localhost/folder_where_I_put_my_files/test.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://localhost/folder_where_I_put_my_files/test.php[/a] or equivalent.

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