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mysql upload problem

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I am quite new to MySQL and need some help with uploading data from a textfile.
The file looks as:

1|Toy Story (1995)|01-Jan-1995||http://us.imdb.com/M/title-exact?Toy%20Story%20(1995)
2|GoldenEye (1995)|01-Jan-1995||http://us.imdb.com/M/title-exact?GoldenEye%20(1995)
3|Four Rooms (1995)|01-Jan-1995||http://us.imdb.com/M/title-exact?Four%20Rooms%20(1995)
4|Get Shorty (1995)|01-Jan-1995||http://us.imdb.com/M/title-exact?Get%20Shorty%20(1995)
5|Copycat (1995)|01-Jan-1995||http://us.imdb.com/M/title-exact?Copycat%20(1995)

I have a proble with uploading this file because of the brackets. I woul like to have the information between brackers in a column. If this is unpossible I would like to have the date (eg 01-Jan-1995) in a column as timestamp.

Does anyone knows how I could do this?

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If you are looking to strickly do this with mysql as a way to populate your database, you may want to look at the MySQL forums instead of php.

If you are looking for a way to parse a text file and insert it into the table, then you are in the right place.

Let us know which way you are going


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