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Critique On My Sites' Look


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Overall I like it.. very light weight, clean and simple :)


Just a few things:


- Your homepage doesn't validate despite the validation icon at the bottom of the page.

- The W3C CSS icon only points to a blank CSS validator.. not the end results of your CSS being validated.

- I would probably add some copyright info in the footer (this seems pretty typical these days).

- The very top list that reflects your vertical navigation along the right-hand side doesn't function (it is a navigation system, isn't it?).

- On your My CV page, in addition to your links to download in various formats, I would consider fully displaying your CV (or is that resumé? Isn't CV strictly academic accomplishments?). You are making users 'jump through hoops' to view your credentials.. why not just simply display them?


Other than that.. nice start :)





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