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MicroMVC - A tiny PHP5 Framework


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Nice.. You don't comment on code but when the topic is a about a framework you comment about the layout of the author's website... really nice

I am also on a 22' monitor and I have no problem with it. The image is nice.


Got some code for me to comment on? If not, hush.

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you site it nice and i do like the header image, looks very cool, but i d agree it is a bit too big for my taste.


Yes, that is the one thing people keep telling me.


However, my audience only contains my friends and other web designers - so they actually enjoy the header.


Another thing i will comment on about the code is that it seems, in at least the database class, you are not consisted in you name conventions


Yes, I cleaned up the name conventions in the unreleased version. ;)


I am not sure about that at least at the current state of the framework.


Yes, the current version isn't what I am talking about.


Another thing i will say is that I would never not consider a PHP Framework because of the size of the system(unless it was retardly large) because the file are not sent over a network to be parsed, they are directly on the server to parse and parsing file is quite fast. 


The size of the system is REALLY important as a single DIGG kills most bloated PHP sites. It doesn't matter what HTML is sent to the user - the Server still can only handle so much processing. (or you can buy lots of servers).




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I just updated the MicroMVC system and uploaded it to github.




I made lots of changes to it and would love some feedback. I included two controllers that show off what and how you can do things like fetch twitter updates or store blog posts in a database.


Also, my site http://xeoncross.com is now TOTALY powered by it so you can see how well it handles other things like AJAX and stuff.  ;)

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