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Need a push, dynamic menu

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I am not looking for people to give me code, because I need to figure this out on my own, but I want to make a dynamic menu where if the user triggers a MouseOver() function on a link, a corresponding image will appear with corresponding text. I really wanna learn how to do this on my own, I just need some advice.

|___MAIN BOX___________ |
| +---------------+---------------+|
| |menu area...|image area..| |
| | \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\| |
| | \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\+---------------+|
| +---------------+text area .....|
thats the basic idea

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Hi there,,

Using js, the plan could be:
onmouse events -> document.getElementById('the_img_id').src="image01.gif" < to change an image,
.....//..........//... -> document.getElementById('the_txt_id').innerHTML="new text" < could be to change a text,

Trying to help, without too much code,...


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