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PHP + MySQL Search Problems

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the following query: [!--quoteo--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]"SELECT * FROM tutorials WHERE activation = '1' AND catid = '$catid' AND name LIKE '%$search%' LIMIT $start, $limit";[/quote] is going wrong. It shows tutorials where the $search has nothing in common with the name.

The form is:

[code]<form action="search.php">Search:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<form method="post" action="search.php">
  <input type="text" name="search" size=25 maxlength=25>    
<select name="category">
                <option value="Default">Choose a category</option>
        <?php $query = "SELECT * FROM category";
    $result = mysql_query ($query);
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array
        ($result, MYSQL_NUM)) {
echo "<option value='{$row[0]}'>{$row[1]}</option>";} ?>

  <input name="image" type="image" src="images/search.jpg" alt="0"/>

and the search.php is:

$num = $_GET['num'];//Get the numeration of the page
if(empty($num)){//if the numeration is empty
$num = 1;//the numeration is 1
$limit = 15;//Sets the limit of results to display in each page, change if you want.
The query will start selecting the numeration, for example 2, less 1, that would be 1
* the limits of results to show per page, 2 in this case so it would be 1*2 = 2, it will
start from 2;) if the limit would be 5 and the numeration would be 3 if would be (3-1)*5 = 10
$start = ($num-1)*$limit;
$start = round($start,0);//rounds the result
This query will select the contrene FROM the start and with a limit of 2, in this case,
because the variable $limit is 2
You can add a WHERE something= '$something' for example, or delete the ORDER by `id`, or change it,

$catid = $_POST['category'];
$query = "SELECT * FROM tutorials WHERE activation = '1' AND catid = '$catid' AND name LIKE '%$search%' LIMIT $start, $limit";
$result = mysql_query($query);

while ($rowss = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
         $author = $rowss['author'];
    $description = $rowss['description'];
           $name = $rowss['name'];
       $imageurl = $rowss['imageurl'];
            $url = $rowss['url'];
              $url2 = 'viewtut.php?id='.$rowss['id'].'';
    $totalviewed = $rowss['hits'];
           $cat1 = $rowss['catid'];
     $tut_rating = $rowss['rating'];
     $sub = $rowss['subcatid'];
           $sql3 = "SELECT * FROM `category` WHERE `cat_id` = '$cat1'";
           $cat3 = $rows3['category'];
  echo "
    <div class='tutorial'>
      <div class='tutorialtitle'> <span class='style1'><a href='".$url2."'>".$name."</a></span><br />
        Author: <a href='#'>".$author."</a> | Rating: <span class='style3'>".tut_stars($tut_rating)."<br></span></div>
      <img src='".$imageurl."' width='44' height='43' alt='' /><br />".$description."<br />
      <span class='style2'>22nd March 2006 <span class='style3'><a href='#'>Report Tutorial</a></span> <span class='style3'>Total Views: <strong>".$totalviewed."</strong></span> <span class='style3'>Categorgy: <a href='viewcat.php?act=maincat&id=".$catids."'><strong>".$cat3."</strong></a></span></span></div>
$totalpages = mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT * from `tutorials` WHERE `subcatid` = '$subcat' and `catid` = '$idf'"));//Get the total number of results
Total resutls/ the limit, in this example is 2, so if there are 10 total result and the limit is 2
there will be 5 pages.
$totalpages = $totalpages / $limit;
$totalpages = round($totalpages,0);
$c = 0;//The variable c is 0
echo "<br>";//make a <br> to separate the results from the [1][2]...
while($c<$totalpages){//while c is < than the total pages
$page = $c + 1;//sets the variable $page as 0 + 1 = 1
if($_GET['num']==$page){//Gets the number of the page and if its the same that the page
echo "[$page] ";//its only echoes the page, not the url to this page
echo "<a href=?act=subcat&id=".$cat1."&sub=".$sub."&num=$page>[$page] </a>";//it echoes the url to the page
$c = $c+1;
echo "<br>".$totalpages." Pages in total.";//echoes the total pages


Does anyone have any explanation(s) why this is happening?


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What sorts of results is it getting, I may be wrong but I thought %$search% meant anything that contained $search in it. That could mean a lot of things.

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