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webscribble.com and apathy

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i've recently encountered a completely unnacceptable situation with webscribble.com and a script they sell for 200.00, that, once modified (by THEM), is unable to be upgraded to the new versions, a feature they offer as part of the purchase (of course).

my client and i have had nothing but problems with them for over a month (it took literally weeks to get a support ticket responded to - whereby the Tech, Alexander, threatened to move my client to the end of the line if she continued to harrass him with emails questioning the status of the ticket.)

wnated to warn everyone of this team of incompetants (i am clearly not the only one with problems with them):

1 - [a href=\"http://www.getafreelancer.com/proje...HP-Problem.html\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.getafreelancer.com/proje...HP-Problem.html[/a]

" We have bought an application named webjobs from a company called webscribble.com. The software had some problems and the company support people told us to upgrade to PHP5. Know the site couldnot be seen and the support people doesnt respond. I need someone to be able to make it work with php5. "

2 - [a href=\"http://badbusinessbureau.com/reports/ripoff187984.htm\" target=\"_blank\"]http://badbusinessbureau.com/reports/ripoff187984.htm[/a]

" I was going to buy a date site package from Webbizideas, it was going to cost me over $3,100.00 for very thing. All I can say is DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, you would be much better off, picking a name out of the phone book and just send them your heard earn money. They are also working with webscribble who is on this site to, they ripped me off $800.00 if you send emails you will never hear from them , if you call you will never get to talk to any one. And most of all webbizieda said that are backed by BBBonline YA right I went to the main site and they have no clue who they are, so dont buy that little box. Dan you are a ripoff. To all if you want to do somthing like a casino or date site, make sure they are real.

Chandler, Arizona
U.S.A. "

3 - [a href=\"http://www.programmingtalk.com/arch...php/t-3681.html\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.programmingtalk.com/arch...php/t-3681.html[/a]

Online Dating Software that could RIP YOU OFF! We are out $565.00.If you are interested in starting your own online dating website, chances are you will find a dating software program called Webdate authored and sold by Webscribble Solutions, Inc.

I would like to share my experiences with this company and their script as to help others from getting scammed and ripped-off by this company.

When we first purchased this dating script and installed it, many key features didn't even work and we found a huge security hole which could leave the script open to hacking attacks. Webscribble acknowleged our claims and sort of got the script at least working. But it didn't work "off the shelf." That's the least of any problems you could have.

The company has a very deceptive license agreement and you should BEWARE and read it carefully before buying anything from this company. ONCE YOU BUY IT, ITS YOURS FOREVER...it is non-transferable and it is a ONE-WAY transaction and they CONTROL YOUR website.

You are at their mercy! The company claims you can sell or transfer the license in their license agreement for an adminstrative fee, but what is deceptive and what they don't tell you in their license agreement is that the adminstrative fee is the same amount of money that you bought their dating website software.

So, what's the point in trying to sell or transfer the software license if the person who buys it from you has to pay the same amount of money you bought it for to Webscribble. They might as well buy it direct from the company.

We contacted and addressed the company about the issue by Email and never received a response. We contacted them on the telephone and the company representative was rude, unflexible and could care less about retaining customer loyalty or customer satisfaction or future business with the person interested in assuming our software license to the dating code.We tried to do everything legitimately and to respect their license agreement by being upfront and sincere with them.

But this company is very sneaky and deceptive by making you think you can sell or transfer the license to the dating script because most people don't read software license agreements and anaylze all scenarios before they buy.The reality is that YOU CAN'T SELL OR TRANSFER THE LICENSE to the Webdate dating code unless you pay the full purchase price AGAIN to Webscribble, Inc.

Not only that but the company uses "spyware" in their code which constantly communicates with their company web server so at anytime they can turn off your entire website or block your access to your own website by not letting you access your administrative area.

Don't let a company have total control of your business with the power to shut you down whenever they feel like it or have technical problems.DO NOT SUPPORT companies that don't care about helping you or your business unless you want to be stuck with their lack of support and to leave you with no alternative if you are unhappy, or wish to sell or transfer your software license. READ THEIR LICENSE AGREEMENT VERY CAREFULLY.

Remember, in the pre-sales stage, they are all your best friends...then after the sale, they will give you the middle finger and say "see ya!" Oh yeah, thanks for your money!

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Thanks for the tip.

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I wish 2 things.. A. I would've worked with my current company before and B. One of us working on his site now would've found this first.

I HATE webjobs. I don't want to rip it apart and take out the "spyware" because frankly, it would be easier and much better to just create my own. I finally got this thing installed on the server and realized that just how much control they had and I didn't have. I mean, they encoded the files? I didn't even look for the spyware type stuff, I just saw that the files were encoded and was like "what the hell are they trying to hide?" . When installing I entered that license key and it clicked that they have in one of the files to basically give permission for this site to run. Which is very ignorant. Aside from that, I came to realize that they don't take very many security measures in it. I found like 5 security holes just out of the code I COULD see.
If there is a way to do so, I'd like to shut this piece of sh** site down. They're support is a complete waste of time. After submitting problem after problem all we got back was a "i'm sorry" and "we don't know what to tell you" basically. I've only worked with this company for a week now and I told them on day 1 after seeing this software that they wasted their money. It wasn't for another day or 2 that I even found the problems lol. Now i'm spending countless hours fixing their problems and trying to install my own template (which isn't easy on their system). Since thats really the only thing I have control over.
They want to buy another software package, I told them to leave it to me or just hire someone to help me and we'll have it done completely by mid december. Hopefully they'll go with it..

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