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What specific portion of it is coded badly; all of it?  I have not looked at it to be W3C compliant yet.  I was planning on doing that later.


Can you get better search engine ranking than #1 or #2?

Search Google for "Computer Repair Sarasota" which is the main keyword phrase at this time we are going for.


OK, this is just my opinion, but I think you need a vertical menu, and stick with non-javascript.


What you mean a vertical menu?  Do you mean instead of the drop down menu?

If that's what you mean, that wouldn't happen.  I have massive feedback on the drop down menus we have from different clientele.  They all love it and tell us how easy it is to navigate.  And it is done in CSS search engine friendly fashion.


I don't understand what "a stick with non-javascript" means?

Can you please explain what this means?


Do you still think we need more padding?

I am not a big fan of padding on a lot of items because of cross browser compatibility; opera reads it differently than IE7 which reads it differently than FF.  With that said, which one needs more padding and why?




If you turn off Javascript, you will see the negative effect; Your logo with menu (forum,sign-in,contact,print) is gone. Yes, your main menu does fall back on CSS, so I guess its not so bad.


Regarding the issue with padding: normally all of the text in the main area that starts "Spectacular computer ...." would all be plain headers and paragraphs inside a single div. That div could be adjusted, in terms of padding, to give you the proper margin of white space around the headers and paragraphs. I just think the margin around the side of the main content is too small, but everyone has different opinions. Maybe you should ask other people if the margin looks too small. I'm not talking about a CSS margin, just a margin of white space around the content.

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Okay.  That is the same thing that DropFaith brought up.  I will be working on the <noscript></noscript> tags this week that will place those back on the website.


I will probably test for JavaScript and if not found place the <noscript></noscript> tags in the header files.

I will also have to run that through the GD image resizing I have as well to keep it consistent with an 800x600 resolution.



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