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My search results are doubled up?!

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Posted 22 June 2006 - 11:57 AM

below is the script i am using to retrive and display the results of a search, the third line... $var....
gets the details of the search query, and stripstrings it of all none readable characters, only letters numbers spaces.

this should then do a search and display them in alph-order
it does but i have double results returned, when searching for lets say

'mary had lamb'

it shows the two results one of which is highlighted as requested the other is not highlighted.

this i think is because it is not deleting the copies it finds, where details appear in the same entry twice. the part i think is wrong is where it should delete the doubles.....

$tmparr = array_unique($adid_array); //delete duplicate record id's from the array. To do this we will use array_unique function
foreach ($tmparr as $v) {
$newarr[$i] = $v;

maybe something is up with this part?

below is the full script...

please can someone take a look and help fix this problem for me, i'd be very grateful for your help.

$limit = 10; //specify how many results to display per page
$var = @stripstring($_POST[searchquery]); // Get the search variable from URL
$trimmed = trim($var); //trim whitespace from the stored variable
$trimmed_array = explode(" ",$trimmed); //separate key-phrases into keywords
if ($trimmed == "") { // check for an empty string and display a message.
  $resultmsg =  "<p>Search Error</p><p>Please enter a search...</p>";

if (!isset($var)){  // check for a search parameter
  $resultmsg =  "<p>Search Error</p><p>We don't seem to have a search parameter! </p>";

foreach ($trimmed_array as $trimm){ // Build SQL Query for each keyword entered

     $query = "SELECT * FROM items WHERE itemname LIKE \"%$trimm%\" OR description LIKE  \"%$trimm%\" ORDER BY itemname ASC"; 
     $numresults=mysql_query ($query);
     $row_num_links_main =mysql_num_rows ($numresults);

     if (empty($s)) {

      $query .= " LIMIT $s,$limit"; // now let's get results.
      $numresults = mysql_query ($query) or die ( "Couldn't execute query" );
      $row= mysql_fetch_array ($numresults);

      do{ //store record id of every item that contains the keyword in the array we need to do this to avoid display of duplicate search result.
          $adid_array[] = $row[ 'itemid' ]; //EDIT HERE and specify your field name that is primary key
      }while( $row= mysql_fetch_array($numresults));
 } //end foreach

if($row_num_links_main == 0 && $row_set_num == 0){
   $resultmsg = "<p>Search results for:" . $trimmed  ."</p><p>Sorry, your search returned zero results</p>";

   $tmparr = array_unique($adid_array); //delete duplicate record id's from the array. To do this we will use array_unique function
   foreach ($tmparr as $v) {
       $newarr[$i] = $v; 

// now you can display the results returned. But first we will display the search form on the top of the page
// display what the person searched for.
 if( isset ($resultmsg)){
  echo $resultmsg;
  echo "Search results for: " . $var;

foreach($newarr as $value){
$query_value = "SELECT * FROM items WHERE itemid = '$value'"; // EDIT HERE and specify your table and field names for the SQL query
$num_value=mysql_query ($query_value);
$row_linkcat= mysql_fetch_array ($num_value);
$row_num_links= mysql_num_rows ($num_value);
//now let's make the keywods bold. To do that we will use preg_replace function. EDIT parts of the lines below that have fields names like $row_linkcat[ 'field1' ]    This script assumes you are searching only 3 fields. If you are searching more fileds make sure that add appropriate line. 
  $itemname = preg_replace ( "'($var)'si" , "<b>\\1</b>" , $row_linkcat[ 'itemname' ] );
  $itemdes = preg_replace ( "'($var)'si" , "<b>\\1</b>" , $row_linkcat[ 'description' ] );
  //$linkdesc = preg_replace ( "'($var)'si" , "<b>\\1</b>" , $row_linkcat[ 'field2' ] );

foreach($trimmed_array as $trimm){
    if($trimm != 'b' ){
        $itemname = preg_replace( "'($trimm)'si" ,  "<b>\\1</b>" , $itemname); //IF you added more fields to search make sure to add them below as well.
        $itemdes = preg_replace( "'($trimm)'si" , "<b>\\1</b>" , $itemdes);
        //$linkdesc = preg_replace( "'($trimm)'si" ,  "<b>\\1</b>" , $linkdesc); 
     } //end highlight
<?php echo $itemname; ?><br>
<?php echo $itemdes; ?><br>
<?php //echo $linkdesc; ?>
}   //end foreach $trimmed_array 
   if($row_num_links_main > $limit){ // next we need to do the links to other search result pages
      if ($s>=1) { // do not display previous link if 's' is '0'
         echo "<div align='left'><a href='$PHP_SELF?s=$prevs&q=$var&catid=$catid'>Previous " .$limit. "</a></div>";
     $slimit =$s+$limit;  // check to see if last page
       if (!($slimit >= $row_num_links_main) && $row_num_links_main!=1) { // not last page so display next link
           echo "<div align='right'><a href='$PHP_SELF?s=$n&q=$var&catid=$catid'>Next " .$limit. "</a></div>";
}  //end foreach $newarr

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