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passing a array into an string..and out again..

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Hi I hope there is someone who can help me with this one.

I have to pass a from one document to another, because of the program, I have to pass it via a string. I know how to do this ... But then in the doc where the string is passed to I have to get the variable out again, and it is here where I have a problem.

I passs it like so:

$valuex= $_REQUEST['valuex'];

// place array ($valuex) in a string to pass values to charts.swf

$xstring = "";
foreach($valuex AS $key => $vax) {
$xstring =$xstring."%26valuex%5B%5D=$vax";
How do I get the value in the second document???

I have tried this...
$valuey = $_REQUEST["valuey"];
$xstring = $_REQUEST["xstring"];
$valuex = $_REQUEST["valuex"];
(also tried placing a hidden field in the source doc)

Would appreciate some help

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maybe you can pass the variable via a session instead?

that way you can call the variable anywhere during the session...

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Your problem isn't entirely clear to me from your post, but .... I'll try to help.

Have you tried using serialize/unserialize ([a href=\"http://us2.php.net/manual/en/function.serialize.php\" target=\"_blank\"]manual page[/a]) instead of a hand-rolled function?

You could serialize, store as a string in a hidden field, then unserialize() on POST. (Or in the URL for GET.)

If it's just getting the array back into code, you'll need to either store it in a hidden field for a POST, or store it in the links on that page to retreive it as GET (you might need to use a urlencode() on it; I'm not sure). I.e., [code] <?php echo '<a href="http://...link.php?array="' . urlencode(serialize($array)) . '> to next page</a>';[/code]

(Are you using sessions? I guess not.)

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