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I am new to PHP and MySQL. I install php and everything went ok but when i install mysql, the installation went well but i ca not use it. I am currently running on a windows machine. When I try to create a database, this is the error I receive \"ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: \'@localhost\' to database \'portal\'\". I don\'t know what this means but I did create a hosts file in my WINNT folder. This did not solve the problem. I try using mysql -u (username) -p (password), this also gives me the same error message. Please help, all suggestions are welcome.

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Its lookd like the user doenst have enough privelage try logung as


mysql -u root


and by default they dont have password unless you have set one.


Once you have got in as a super user.


mysql> use mysql

mysql> select * froom user;


You will see the table being displayed check if you have given teh user permission.


Now you can also use a tool called SQLYOG found at www.sqlyog.com

which is a GUI based tool and can help you a lot. Check it out...

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