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How do I escape single and double quotes?

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I'm making a MySQL query interface in HTML. And I have some JavaScript buttons that will insert the previous queries into the form. But some MySQL querys can contain single and double quotes. Here is the JavaScript code that I am using to insert the previous query:

onClick="document.getElementById('the_form').db_query.value='text to insert \'Single quotes work\' but \"double quotes\" do not work'; return false"

I can use single quotes if I replace the single quote with \' But i tried that for double quotes and it doesn't work. How can I insert text that contains single quotes and double quotes into the the 'db_query' textarea?


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I found the answer to my question. I needed to replace the double quotes with & quot;. I now know that it was a HTML question, so I apologize for posting it here in the JavaScript Help message board.

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