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Clear a Field Nightly

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I have a database table with a structure like this:

Basically, I want to select all of the rows where today_clicks does not equal 0 (To prevent unnecessary load at 00:00 when a server seems most likely to crash anyways), and have it clear today_clicks for all of those rows. I was thinking that a foreach would be needed, but I don't have my PHP book handy and don't really know how to structure one.

Could someone help me out here please?


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I'm not sure if I understand what you're asking, but let me just attempt an answer. If you want this to be done nightly automatically then you'll need to schedule a cron job to run a PHP script. It cannot be done with PHP alone. If you're just interested in going everynight and running the script through your browser then that would work fine. I run a query like:
UPDATE $tablename SET $changingrow = '0' WHERE $someotherrow = '$somecondition'
I hope you can see the intent behind the query, just swap in your values for mine.

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I know that I will need to run a cron job to do this.

Mostly I guess I am curious to know how I can select rows from the table where today_clicks does _not_ equal 0. From there I should be able to do a where() to update each row.

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