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MSSQL 2000 - cant connect to DB from remote computer

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Please bare with me as I do not have much knowledge in this area with MSSQL.

I have installed MSSQL 2000 Developer and I have setup a database which I am able to connect to and work fine with from the actual server MSSQL is installed on.

The problem comes in when i try to connect to that same database from a different remote server. It will not connect to the DB from this remote server but I know all the connection information is correct so its something on the MSSQL DB server causing this and not on this remote server.

Someone I know has had this problem and has fixed it but they wont tell me how. All I know is they said something about manually opening the ports on the MSSQL server and he also said when you set it to dynamicly determine the port that MSSQL is listening on it errored out. however if you set it staticly to 1433 it worked fine.

Ive also installed SP4 in attempt to fix this but no luck with that either. And I can also get the same exact remote server to connect to completely different DB server without issues.

If anyone can please help walk me through this I would be greatly appreciate and I am also willing to pay some money if it will make my life easier.

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Have you installed SQL Server SP3a this fixes this issue on pre SP 2 versions of SQL Server on Windows XP / 2003

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