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PHP + MySQL Comment System

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I am in the middle of coding a website that's something like a message board, or blog depending on the way you're looking at it. Here's my problem: I need to know how to implement a comment system (prefereably a pre-made one I can just change around to fit my needs since I'm a novice).

The page is PHP/MySQL/AJAX and the comment system needs to be PHP/MySql (I'm not using flat files that would kill my server).

I was oringinally planning on taking the code from a open source message board (like mercury) but I decided that it was to complicated to re-write all of it. What I really need is a simple script or tutorial since I'm a novice. I've googled all I can google and I couldn't find anything simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

(Basically I want something just like this but simplified with a how-to)

oh yeah you can check out the beta of my page at: cocal.micdaly.com

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This site might be of some help to you:

I haven't looked at it yet. But from what I read it seems pretty okay. Maybe you could work with it?

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