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php doubts

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Hi guys,


I got some questions wish to ask you guys.


- I have seen some website just show a part of their url(without showing file extension).

e.g: www.myweb.com/log

how can i do that by using php ? do they use basename function or something else ?


- I seen a lot of sample codes use \'->\' symbol. I just know this symbol is used in class.. but when i look in their code, i dun see they are using any class though


$q->query($DB, $sSQL);


$var = (!empty($rec->body_color)) ? \"\'$rec->body_color\'\" : \"$PHORUM[\'default_body_color\']\";

can u guys give me more idea about the use of ->


- is there anyway i can check the users computer resolution and adjust the dimension of my webpage accordingly..

for instance, i created all my files in 1024*768. When a user with a screen resolution 800*600 visit my site, is there any possibility that the php code will check the user\'s display setting and then adjust my file dimension that fits his display setting. I just dun want to create extra files with different dimension all the time...


- i refer to one of the reference and i dun really get what is this code actually mean. I hope you guys can give me a hint about this.


$current_page = ($_REQUEST[page_num]) ? $_REQUEST[page_num] : 1;

is it use like a if else statement where is page_num is nothing set it as 1 ??


please advise. Thanks

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The way they are doing that is by creating a folder and putting an index.php in it.


Example :



would be showing www.webglimmer.com/community/index.php

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