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Seeking help with getting resultset from multiple tables

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I\'m trying to make a \'most recent entries\' list for my intranet site.


I want his list to show the last 10 entries from 3 or more tables.


I only want it to show entries the user has access to (I use a very simple function to check the users access level in the category for each entry).



I can\'t figure out how to make a mysql query that returns certain fields from the 3 or more tables, and sorts them after the \'date published\'-field in each table, and filters out expired items based on the \'expire date\'-field (the names of these fields are not the same in all the tables).


If I can get this far, I\'m going to try and make a loop in php that checks the users access against each entry in the result untill 10 are found.



Can anyone help?

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I would recommend storing some sort of access level in your tables and letting mySQL filter the results based on that.



select t1.*,t2.*, t3.*

from table1 t1,

inner join table2 t2 on t1.id=t2.id

inner join table3 t3 on t2.id=t3.id

where t1.user_level<=$user_level

and t2.user_level<=$user_level

and t2.user_level<=$user_level

order by t1.date_published

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