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Listing query results

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Merry Meet!

Now I have a big problem with php + mysql

the main source of the problem is query so I posted this up here;

My problem:


Now I am coding a site for recepies and I want my users to be able to list the recepies according to their first letter (ex all the recepies starting with a)


Now I tired really hard to the Left function but I just haven\'t been able to make sql to return the result of a query like this:

we have a column say name

I wnt eury to match up the first letter of every entry in name with the one given by the user...


Spent almost 3 hours playing with the \"LEFT()\" thingie but it doesn\'t work theway it should =)


Kind Regards

The Jester

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select * from recipes where name like \'a%\'


just code it to make the letter part dynamic...

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