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Luvac Zantor

Tough: How do I import a Text file that isn't standardized?

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PASSING                        CMP  ATT  YDS  PCT   YPA SACK   TD  INT LONG RATING

Kurt Warner                     13   24  177   54   7.3    0    1    2   42   57.1

RUSHING                        ATT  YDS   AVG LONG   TD  FUM

Garrison Hearst                 34  138   4.0   21    1    1

Robert Holcombe                  2   21  10.5   15    0    0

Kurt Warner                      1   -2  -2.0    0    0    0


How do you import a file that isn\'t formated the same through out the file. The above is part of an entire file with multple headings, and I can\'t for the life of me figure out how to import the file.



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btw,,, in the text file, it doesn\'t WRAP like it is in the above example....


PASSING                        CMP  ATT  YDS  PCT

Kurt Warner                     13   24  177   54     

RUSHING                        ATT  YDS   AVG 

Garrison Hearst                 34  138   4.0   

Robert Holcombe                  2   21  10.5   

Kurt Warner                      1   -2  -2.0    


i shortened it so it doesn\'t wrap... but regardless, the importing is confusing me.

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