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does anyone know the best way,

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I have form data where one field is a multiple select. I\'ve set up a table for the multiple select data-\'group\', I have a table for the rest of the data-\'listing\'. I have a third table-\'link\' which has the primary keys from each of the other tables, group_id and listing_id, because I need each client\'s listing, which is phone, name, etc. to correspond with all of the groups that they select in the form.


I have this layyed out as a script but it seems messy and I don\'t know if it will work as the database grows


after connection and form validation:


insert into table listing (column_1, etc) values ($name, etc)

select * from listing order by \'listin_id\' limit 0, 1 //to get the last row?


and then insert the groups selected with the listing_id for reference into the \'link\' table. Somehow this seems like it\'s almost there. That multi select is killing me, this should be easy.

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When you have a multiple select, give it an array name, like \'group[]\'


When you process the form



$groups = $_POST[\'group\'];


foreach ($groups as $group) {

# insert a group record for value $group



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