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PHP and Virtual Host

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I admit, I am very new to php & apache. Everything has ben working well for quite some time. I have managed to code a couple sites with out any problems. Being the brave soul that I am (Not), I decided to move a couple domains onto my server to host as vhost.


I would like to know how to enable php in the vhost themselves. I have searched the different forums and what not, but I was not able to find anything that would make much sense. Here is an example of one of my vhost that is in my httpd.conf:



ServerAdmin admin@mydomain.com

DocumentRoot /home/mydomainuser/www

ServerName www.mydomain.com

ErrorLog /home/mydomainuser/wwwlogs/error_log

TransferLog /home/mydomainuser/wwwlogs/access_log



Now, I know there is something that is supposed to be added to this to allow php to load, but i am not sure what. I am using PHP 4.3.0 with Apache 1.3.27


Thanks for the feedback, and I hope this post and its replies will be useful for others that trip down the same path I have!

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Actually I haven\'t set them up yet for the virtual host at all. Right now its set the normal way, but I was sure you would have to add some type of directive under the virtual host. Thanks for the help....

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