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Large retrieval from MySQL Database

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I have a MySQL database table that will hold 2500 records to begin with and will grow to maybe 10,000 records in the next few years. My question is: is it possible for query arrays to hold that many records? Here\'s an example:


$check="SELECT * From Users";




In the above example, if there are 10,000 records in the Users table, then from my understanding $result will get VERY big. Are there limits on how large $result can get? Is there a better way to retrieve the records than this? I am planning on displaying 10-20 records per page, but I figure that I need to get them all first and store them in a session until needed. Is there a better way to do this?



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I tried with 20,000 records and I dint have any issue. I guess its is not advisable to query a table one the whole and its always advised to break them up. If you try to do


select * from table


and say you have 1,00,000 records I am sure the page would get stuck and you might get CGI timeout error.


So I would recommend you to break the data.

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