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PHP Number Handling - Scientific Notation

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Hi all, have come across a small issue with some code I'm writing. Basically my users will enter in a serial number (alphanumeric) and then specify a quantity to add. My code then takes this and increments from the original.

I've had to consider a number of possible issues.

Using the ++ operator the serial will increase, however if the number is quite large it then if converted to scientific notation.

To give you an idea I type in: 04000000000000000001 (quantity of 3), so I'd expect to get:


However I'm getting:


[code]            if ($increment == 1)
                $serialCutEnd = preg_replace('/[0-9]*$/', '', $serial);
                $serialEnding = substr($serial, strlen($serialCutEnd));

This handles quite well but when the number gets big I run into trouble. Is there a way to force the value to remain a string? I've tried type casting but it seems as soon as I use the ++ operator issues arise.

I'd appreciate any guidance on this.


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haha it would seem I was doing too much to get it working.

[code]function increment($var) {
   $var2 = '_'.$var;
   return substr(++$var2,1);


Cheers :)

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