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I want to make a donation....

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Please don't knock me off the baord or anything like that -
I am trying to donate and having a heck of a time doing

I posted on the "Have You been Helped" are but no one
has resonded. here is the text:

I don't know if I am going nuts or what. I want to make a second donation
as I pledged I would, and will continue in the future with additional pledges.

Anyway I go to Paypal, and they want me to sign up for an account.

I don't want to do that and am sure I was able to just send the money
through a credit card transaction (and is confirmed by the fact I don't
yet have a PayPal account).

Can I send you a check? If so, give me details and I will get it going.

Guys - thanks for this forum. I hope other recognize the your effort
and this forum remains on line for a long time.

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I think you should PM (Private Message) forums admin about it, not sure they have other ways of receiving donations.

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When you go to make a donation you should goto [a href=\"https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr\" target=\"_blank\"]this page[/a].

Dont fill in the form on the right, just the billing form on the left. Click continue review your information. After that it should send the transaction and provide a reciept.

Or is it asking you to signup when you press continue. If it is then phpfreak cant change that.

Also I'm moving this to the PHPFreaks.com help forum.

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