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$form->select help


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its a cake framework sir


here's the "i think" code of the recipient text box


    // autocomplete
    $formMailCompose .= $html->div('input text floatLeft', 
        '<label for="Accounts/name">To</label>' .
            $ajax->autoComplete('_Account_', 'autocomplete', array(
            'afterUpdateElement' => 'updateHidden',
            'style' => 'width: 410px; margin-left: 30px;'
    // target_id
    $formMailCompose .= $form->hidden('target_account_id', array(
        'id' => 'target_account_id'


so how am i gonna insert or  make the dropdown menu  to make it appear like


To Username: "dropdown here"


instead of


To Username: "input box here"

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