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$_GET making me mad!

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#1 lpxxfaintxx

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Posted 27 June 2006 - 04:57 AM


Lets say a URL of a page is "viewcat.php?act=maincat&id=1." It uses $_GET to see how many results the page will show, for example, "viewcat.php?act=maincat&id=1&sortnum=15" will show 15 results. I am trying to use a form to do this, but no matter what I try to do, it always make the url "viewcat.php?sortnum=10" instead of "viewcat.php?act=maincat&id=1&sortnum=10." Is there any way to pass the variable onto the new page?

Here is the code for the form:

<form name="form2" method="GET" action="viewcat.pgp?act=maincat&sortnum=&id=$id">Tutorials per Page <select name="sortnum" onchange="javascript:submit()"><option value="5">5</option> <option value="10">10</option> <option value="25">25</option> <option value="50">50</option></select></form>

Please, help would be appreciated.


#2 hack4lk

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Posted 27 June 2006 - 05:10 AM

i'm no expert but it seems to me that you should try to use POST method for the form and GET for the receiving page


on the receiving page use,

$myVar1 = $_GET['act'];
$myVar2 = $_GET['id'];
$myVar3 = $_GET['sortnum'];

to catch the variable data.

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