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Concatenating Integers with MySQL, or "get last 10 entr

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Hi there,


For my website I have a news system that will have thousands of entries. What I would like to do is retrieve the 10 most recent entries.


Is there a \"get X most recent entries based on index\" function? I do NOT know how to use indexes, or autoincrements or anything like that. I have tried and tried to understand them, but no tutorial I\'ve seen yet has explained them in such a way that I can understand.


Or, back to my first question: is there a way to concatenate two integers? I do NOT want them added.. just appending one onto the other, like a string. (I know about the concat() function, but I dunno if it works with integers..)


The reason I need to do this is because if I cannot figure out indexes, I will have to concatenate the date with the time and use that as one big number to determine which 10 posts were made most recently.


Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Just add an id field to your news table, and give it an id field (make it the primary key, and make it AUTO_INCREMENT).

then use this in your query:



LIMIT 0,10 ORDER BY some_id_field DESC

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