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Big Upgrade? - Debian Users!


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I currently have a server up and running which is running Debian Etch. I must say I gather tons of information from Thorpe, thank you! Now I have learned from other sites that Debian has a unstable release which is going to be called Lenny. I was wondering who is going to make the big switch, once Lenny becomes stable?


I want to hear what other people have to say before I do so, once it becomes stable.

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Also, Ubuntu's Intrepid Ibex is  is coming out in two days. :D  Anyone switching to that?  I switched to Hardy Heron like, the day of the upgrade, but I think I'm going to wait a few weeks before upgrading to Intrepid. =P


@Lamez: You should always give new releases like, two weeks before you actually upgrade so that any early bugs can hopefully be taken care of.

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If, and when I do make the switch, will it damage any of my data, and will I have to re-configure everything?


No and no. Your data will be left completely allone, and dpkg-reconfigure will automatically take care of your configurations. Be ware though that it is likely your first apt-get upgrade will ugrade allot of your current software.

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No, to switch (its not exactly an upgrade) you need to change your /etc/apt/sources.list file to reflect the unstable repo's, then execute apt-get dist-upgrade.


Be aware that as soon as Lenny goes stable, there will be another unstable called something else. Debian doesn't exactly have versions. It kinda cycles allong.


In other words, I wouldn't get too exited about switching from Etch to Lenny. You won't really notice any difference except some newer versions of software will become available.

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