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Please review my new website www.developersmatch.com. Our goal is to get clients to sign up and developers to sign up and we connect the to. Clients is our big target because it is not so hard to get developers to sign up.


Please critique my new site and any promotion tips is much appreciated.


Best Regards


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Your background image is way too big (in KiB). Seeing as it repeats horizontally you could just have a 1px wide image. It'll result in the same, but the file size would be way smaller.


The bottom corners look a bit weird. I'd probably also have some sort of hover effect for the navigation bar to give feedback to users. Probably a different font as well. You could easily replace the text with an image to have nicer looking fonts, but still be accessible to all users.


You could also work a bit on the forms. Give them some custom styling while still preserving their form-ness. Use <label>s for checkboxes and place the label after the checkbox, not before. In this way you'll have the checkboxes aligned nicely. I'd also place the "required asterisk" after the field label (again, use <label>s). This is for alignment reasons as well. You should also make all fields/textareas of equal width and vertically, where it applies, I'd align the labels to the top instead of the middle of the field as well as probably make them bold.


Also, your title doesn't change at all. It should...


Oh yeah, drop the splash page as well. It's annoying.

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Here are my suggestions in addition to Daniel's...


- That initial start screen is the equivalent to an 'Enter Here' screen (with the exception of dual entries). It is frowned upon to do this. I would recommend that when people enter your URL, they are brought to a home page that clearly demonstrates who the site is for, offer up perhaps a mission statement, stuff like that (in other words, the meat and potatoes in a nutshell). Having a dual entry page with no information to offer visitors passing by can result in loss of interest in a hurry.. go straight to the point.


- The presentation is rather plain I feel. I would consider redesigning it to have more flair and appeal. While I am not suggesting using a template, you could mosy over to template monster and view some of their sites as ideas which you can build off of.


- Since you are looking for people to join, I would consider making elements like 'sign up today' larger buttons that standout. To show what I am leaning towards.. have a look at the firefox download page. Notice the big Firefox 3 download button? It is made clear to visitor what they need to do. I am seeing this kind of thing becoming more popular. Guide / persuade your users by using larger buttons / links that stand out more. Your sign up link feels too small and withdrawn.


- Ensure that your site validates.


- Having your menu font have a rollover colour change would be nice. And when someone selects a menu item (say FAQ), it would be nice to see FAQ change colours when on the FAQ page to show the user which section they are in.


Hope those ideas help out.





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