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Sessions - Php Konfigurieren

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Hello folks,
I have the following problem… I have a small PHP script which uses session management (session_start ()). So far so well. Problem with renewed calls of the side I get evertime a NEW Session_Id, instead of using the old, which was already sent as Cookie to the Browser. The strange is however, I gave the Script to a friend, he had been running it ran it on his test server perfectly, means sessionID remains. Therefore it must have to do something with my Settings of the PHP.ini. I did not changed anything at the standard settings of the PHP.ini actually.

Here is the small testscript:

<?php session_start();
if (!isset($_SESSION["zaehler"]))

<title>Unbenanntes Dokument</title>

<a href="samepage.php?<?php print session_id()?>">next</a>
Anzahl Seitenwechsel: <?php echo $_SESSION["zaehler"]."\n"; ?>

Many thanks in advance for every hint and help.

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