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BGSOUND wont play


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This code works in netscape browsers (ff) and all ie versions above 3.0 ;)


<embed src="images/bgsound.wav" autostart="true" loop="true"
width="2" height="0">


Incidentallly why do you have the background music in the images folder?

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Yes, have a Flash object that is embedded in the web page that lets uses select to pause, play and skip the songs. Looks better and at least it'll be more valid and user friendly.


It's good to think of things this way... If it works in IE but not in FF, then it's wrong. :P

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i agree with the non bgsound use a flash player even if it auto starts i like a way to turn it off so i can listen to my own music no matter what type of site it is


I also agree, If a site or advert just starts playing music over the top of music I'm listening to it gets the "cross" treatment


If your good with flash, give the user the option to play / pause the Music, Or just add a "Mute" button

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