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Naming Null Values In A Form

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hi there

i am using a mysql query and presenting results in a table. it returns named values and null (which i do want to include).
i want to apply a name to the null values in my table - is this possible

so for example now it reads

value 1 - checkbox
value2 - checkbox
value 3 - checkbox
blank space (for null values) - checkbox

but i would like to change it so that its

value 1 - checkbox
value2 - checkbox
value 3 - checkbox
"no defined value" - checkbox

here is the code

<form name="class_form" action="wizard.php" method="get">
//get data for class checkboxes and display them
$classqry2=mysql_query("SELECT distinct class.class_id as classid, class.class AS classname
FROM numbers
LEFT JOIN class ON numbers.class_id=class.class_id
ORDER BY classid");

while($checkbox=mysql_fetch_array($classqry2)) {
echo "<input type='checkbox' name='class[]' value=$checkbox[classid]>" . " " . $checkbox[classname] . "<br/>" ;
<input type="submit" value="GO!">

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