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Help With A Chatroom

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Hi I'm trying to make a chatroom using pjirc, unrealircd and invisionboard. It works fine but I want to tweak it slightly. It can pull member names from the forums so I wondered if it was possible to retrieve other information such as asl and profiles from them.

I wish to use something like this...

if ($age == '--' && $sex == '--' && $location == '--') $asl = $altasl;
else $asl = $age.'/'.$sex.'/'.$location;

And define the variables to link to the invisionboard, but I haven't been able to without receiving parse errors. Also then define the parameter as...

<param name="name" value="$asl">


<param name="pixx:configurepopup" value="true">
<param name="pixx:popupmenustring1" value="View Profile">
<param name="pixx:popupmenucommand1_1" value='/url "forums/index.php?showuser={$ibforums->member['id']}"'>

Creates a pop-up box for profiles in the java applet but it only links to my profile. I've just started to learn php so please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Um... Your WAY of topic.

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