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PHP MYSQL forum site with 2000 users online??? please help.


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Hi everyone!


Currently I have a forum site based on php/mysql on a dedicated server. It is working worthless at present. Can you please tell me what I equipment would i need to be able to host more than 2000 concurrent users online on my site?


I will be indebted to the person who helps...



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Thanks for replying corbin.


Currently my site gets nearly 200-300 users online but works most of the time worthless. I have optimised the code to work very efficiently.


Each of my pages execute nearly 10-20 queries. (I have tried to optimise the page as much I could)


The current database is


2.0 ghz CPU

1.0 ghz RAM

100 mbps Uplink connection


The average load is between 5-10%


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I've yet to find a piece of OSS forum Software that can handle that many users online at once.


A heavily cache-based one might work, but then you get post-update delays. I don't know of any that are heavily cache based.

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