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Starting up Apache with Windows XP?

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How can I make Apache start automatically once I login WinXP? I figure it has something to do with Regedit,but I know better then to mess around with it. Does anyone know how I can get Apache to auto-start, or point me to where I can learn how to get it to auto-start?

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here man.. I have tried this.. it comes with everything and everything you can think of....




apache and all

perl/sql/php bla bla

and easy simple to install... give it a shot you wont be disapointed.. I use this on my computer to test out php/sql since my site is all php and stuff... but its cool of this prgm installs everything witout no problems...

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If u already have Apache installed and u just want the service to start in XP, do this:


Right click "My Computer" icon on desktop

Click "Manage"

At the bottom of the list in the left view panel click the "+" next to "Services and Applications".

Click on "Services"

Now in the right panel where Windows Services are listed, look for Apache and MySQL.

Right click each one of these, click "Properties", and set startup type as "Automatic".


This does leave your system vulnerable, but u can toggle exceptions in your firewall if u need to.

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