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svchost.exe devouring my CPU!

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To make a long story short, I recently noticed that svchost.exe as LOCAL SERVICE in my Windows installation is taking up close to or more than 50% of the CPU. This started happening after I created a few virtual hosts from within the Apache conf file.


The workaround to this is stop the Apache server, wait a couple of seconds and then start it again (restart won\'t do the trick). svchost.exe goes down to 0% of CPU and never rises again (until the next re-boot, that is).


Any idea what causes the trouble and how I can troubleshoot it?


Thanx in advance,



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Hmm, over in \'Nix land, that\'d likely be hanging child processes. Do you have the possibility of calling \'graceful\' in the Windows version?


But what could exactly be causing them to hang, I dunno. I\'d look at the site(s) for errors of any kind (in the PHP code). Are scripts attempting to make TCP/IP connections of any kind? Access a database that might be not running? How about a firewall ... Apache tends to like to look for DNS info about itself ....


If you think it\'s caused by one of more of your virthosts, could you comment each of them out (one at a time, or various combis) and kill/restart? Might help narrow it down, I guess.....


I believe the only time I\'ve seen anything like this was a case of bad scripts on the host. Y\'know---[php:1:22049a344c]while ($x<$y) {


} // $x is never incremented!!![/php:1:22049a344c]

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