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[SOLVED] flush socket or something similar


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i am currently just making this app that you telnet into and it prints lines to the screen

i need it to print lots of lines very quickly at the moment i have it write a line one character at a time then i write a "\r\n" and usleep for 125000 or .125 seconds

then sometimes it will send the line and other times it sends 2 lines at the same time so the client gets a gap with no input and sometimes it waits and sends 3 lines at the same time

what i want to do is somehow flush the socket or write enough bits so it will send the data but the filler bits must be ignored at the client.

is this even remotely possible.

i have been looking around and i can't find anything.

if it matters the size of one complete line it 52 bytes.

but normally comes as a 104 or 156 byte packets.



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well i did a lot of research and found out about MTU (Maximum transmission unit) for Ethernet it is 1500 bytes including TCP and IP headers

so i did more research and found out a TCP header is 20 bytes and same for a IP header

so i added a pad to 1460 bytes of \000 or null



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