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[SOLVED] Remove first characters of variable text

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Hi there,


I'm sort of stuck with my script.

I want to show the last 5 reviews (just the title with a link to it) in the menu on my (e107) website.

First I rewritten a plugin that did so, but it didn't show only one category (cat 3 for me).

Everything works now and I'm very happy... but...!!

All my review titles start with 'REVIEW :: ' so it gets your attention when you read the news on my site.

In a menu called 'Reviews' this will be pointless and irritating so I need to erase the first 9 characters from titles in the menu, but not from the database.

I found the 'substring' thing when I was talking to my big friend but I don't really get it.

If somebody could help me you're the best (wo)man ever! :D



global $sql2, $tp;

$obj2 = new convert;
$count =5;
$curcount =1;
$caption = "Reviews";
$no_news = "Geen reviews";
$eol_separator = "</td></tr>";
$sol_separator = "<tr><td valign='top' style='text-align:left; padding-top: 4px;'>";
$qry = "SELECT news_id, news_title, news_category FROM #news WHERE news_render_type = 0 AND news_category = 3 ORDER BY news_id DESC LIMIT 0,".$count;

$n_text = "<table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' style='width:100%; border-collapse: collapse;'>";
while ($row = $sql2->db_Fetch())
	$title = $tp->toHTML($row['news_title']);

	if ($curcount < $count){
		$n_text .="<td valign='top' align='left' style='padding-top: 4px;padding-bottom: 4px;border-bottom:1px dotted #CCCCCC;'><a href='".e_HTTP."news.php?item.".$row['news_id']."'>".$title."</a>".$eol_separator;
		$n_text .="<td valign='top' align='left' style='padding-top: 4px;'><a href='".e_HTTP."news.php?item.".$row['news_id']."'>".$title."</a>".$eol_separator;
$n_text .= "</table>";
$n_text = $no_news;
$ns->tablerender($caption, $n_text);

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I'm sorry. :)

After I woke up just minutes a go, I had an idea that worked. :)



$title = $tp->toHTML(substr($row['news_title'], 10));

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