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Image upload copy() problems

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Hey, ive used this piece of code before and it worked perfectly fine, but now that ive moved this site to a different folder im getting permission errors.

Its an image upload, it uploads ok, but im getting a permission error when i try and copy it from the tmp file and rename it to it new location. This worked before but now its not:

Heres the code:
[code]copy($_FILES['imagefile']['tmp_name'], "../img/thumbs/".$filen.".jpg") or die ("could not copy");
the "../img/thumbs/".$filen.".jpg" part is my auto name gen bit, it works fine.

And i get this error:
[quote]Warning: copy(../img/thumbs/oo34m2CSfU.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/slammer/public_html/oob/jellybeans/process.php on line 30
could not copy[/quote]

ive tried changing the permissions of the folders, but that doesnt help..

Hope someone can help.

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Set the permission on the folder.


or windows read and write in permissions tab.

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