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confused about php and javascript and ajax


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i am working on a large php project a clone.

within this php script i got to let users have an live status for the links showing.

for example a user can look at the live status of the most used links .

if a link is pressed the link gets a added number example one to the database on the live status page the users can see the links that are getting pressed via the counter adding the links up.

know all thats done via php the problam i got is if a user has not got javascript enabled then the users can not see the live status working.

i dont know anythink about ajax but had a go but the problam i need to know is ajax just an exstention of javascript in other words if you have javascript disabled does it also disable ajax.

if ajax is disabled what programming language can i use to have the live status to be live aways via server side programming.

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To answer your first question...Yes if you disable javascript it will disable "Ajax" since ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ... if you take out the javascript...it kinda kills the rest. Remember that ajax is a mesh of technologies...not like php which is just one.

For your second question...I really don't know what other programming language you can use, maybe coldfusion...but i don't really know a lot about that. Besided that my best guess would be that you are SOL.

If I come up with anything else I'll let you know
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you also will need to take into consideration "Browser Support" IE being the most the most popular supports only javascript and vbscript and since most other browsers do not support vbscript you'll run into compatibility issues so that leaves javascript.

ok now we are off topic  ;)
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One thing that you can do (but won't really solve anything) is to see if the user has java script enabled...if they don't display an error message and give them instructions on how to change it.

[code]<script type="text/javascript">
document.write("If this text is displayed, your browser supports scripting and has JavaScript enabled!")
<noscript>JavaScript is NOT enabled!</noscript>[/code]

Hope this helps,
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