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Snipiti.com - what do you guys think?


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The font part has been an issue - the font looks great in Safari or FireFox on a mac, but in any windows browser it isn't supported.  I'll use some PHP in the style sheet to change the font for different browsers/platforms.


I think I need to change the wording of the stats section - the "1 user browsing 53 snippets" part is correct, but what it means to say is that there is one user online and the site has 53 snippets in total. 


I've also fixed the pagination issue with the language views - that should be reflected now.


Lastly - with the JS/AJAX issue - I'll be adding some alternative options, but the vast majority of my audience has JS and AJAX enabled - especially because my target segment is the development community, which is more inclined to use these technologies.  That being said, I'm still excluding a small percent, and however small that percent is, they should be included - for that I'll try to provide some sort of fallback option.

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It's not flashy but a decent site. One thing... GET Your SNIPITI.com logo down to about 50px in height, about the same size as your advertisement to the right of it. This is because most people have their computers set to 1024 x 768, and the more vertical size you use up, the more the web viewer has to scroll. But I like it overall.

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For your fallback option do a noscript tag with inside it


<noscript><h1>It seems you have JavaScript disabled. Click <a href="howtoenablejs.html">here</a> to know how to turn on JavaScript in your browser. If you do not wish to enable JavaScript then click here for an alternative login</h1></noscript>


Just an idea. It's what I would do.

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