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Pagination by 10-10 page link.

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php is new lang. for me. i have 2000 record which is dispaly on web page(10 record each page) by pagination. but problem is that i get 200 links of pages on webpage which take large space. I want to display it in a grop of 10-10 pages. where is the code for it.


can anybudy help me ??




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For the first link, put parameters the each link as follows:








Then in your script, when you fetch the data from the database or text file, ignore all that comes before min and after max values and show the not-ignored values on your website.


This means each time you click on a link it makes a new data query.

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^ You don't need two parameters for each URL, you should do something like:





Then, with a bit of maths, calculate which records you need for each page on that. Something like:


$perpage = 10;
$page = $_GET['page'];

$min = ($page-1)*10;
$max = $min + $perpage;

That will give you min=0, max=10 for page 1; min=10, max=20 for page 2. Then simply use those numbers in your MySQL query, in the "limit" clause. Something like:


$sql = "SELECT * FROM mytable LIMIT $min, $max";



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