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Warning: filetype() Lstat failed for

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Warning: filetype() [function.filetype]: Lstat failed for ../photos//test test in C:\wamp\www\fitchband\admin\options.php on line 136


Line 136: $type = filetype($path ."/". $file);



$path = '../photos/';
	 $listDirectories    = true;

    $dir = opendir($path);
    while(false !== ($file = readdir($dir)))
        $type = filetype($path ."/". $file);
        if($file != "." && $file != ".." && $file != "Thumbs.db" && $listDirectories && $type == "dir")
            $list_dir[] = $file;




one folder in my '../photos' dir is called 'test test'


any clue as to why this happens?

other folders, such as:

Band Event 1

Band test two



all work..



ALSO: when i try to delete 'test test' from the photos folder on my pc, it says "Can not delete file: Can not read from source file or disk."

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