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How to store click counts by date

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Lets say I want to create a click counter. For this click counter lets say there are 300 items which can be clicked on and therefore recorded. I want to be able to record how many clicks are made on each item each day.

What is the best way to store this data in a database?

I was thinking have a table with 3 columns. The columns would be:

Item_ID, Date, Click_Count

When it is clicked then it would check if there is already a date with that item it. If there is then update the row if not insert a new row with the date.

Is this a suitable method?

I want to make sure the method I use is suitable because at a later stage this could be dealing with 20,000+ items.


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But this would mean for every single item therewould have to be a row for each day.

So for example... lets say if there were 20,000 items which have been there for 3 years... which is 1095 days. That would mean 21,900,000 rows.

That doesnt sound too efficient to me...

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make a cron job, export the tables every year or so.

Also, you could make it so that the script creates a new table if there are to many rows in the current one? easy job right?

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