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Need help with php / mysql wether to display or not


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This is with only 1 survey completed (by this user)



b9521aad02a2687525db14f43f8662ea Member Id


b9521aad02a2687525db14f43f8662ea end of test <-- in this its reading all the member_id in completed_survey


its supposed to check if $memberid is in there and check if  $memberid matches member_id and if they match do not display that survey id



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it shouldnt show if survey wasnt completed it should show if survey wasnt completed by user

Please stop posting all of the code over & over again... this is a one-line query issue.


You need to limit your query to refer to member_id -- I assume you know who is logged in?


$query = "select surveys.id, survey.title, survey.adlink from survey left join completed_surveys on ( survey.id = completed_surveys.survey_id AND completed_surveys.member_id = <the-logged-in-user-id> ) WHERE completed_surveys.survey_id IS NULL ";

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