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Receive an email when Google directs a visitor to your site.

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I've received help in solving PHP problems in these forums in the past so I thought I'd give a little something back. Hopefully this is the correct forum to do so?


I wanted to receive an email when Google directs anyone to my site to tell me what keywords they have used to find my site.


A very basic and useful script, hopefully it can be of use to someone or maybe to expand on.


// Script to email you when Google refers traffic to your site.
$name=""; // add your name here
$email_address=""; // add your email address here

if( (stristr($referrer, "google")) && (stristr($referrer, "search")) ) {

parse_str($referrer, $output);

$email_message="Hi $name, A visitor just arrived to your site after searching for '$keywords'. ($referrer)";

mail ("$email_address","Google referred a visitor","$email_message");



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