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php and css in Interet Explorer

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on my site ive got a top menu bar built using css. it works fine in firefox but in IE i get a problem when i insert this line at the top of the page

<?php session_start(): ?>

when this line is there the drop down sections of the menu fail to work. Can anyone explain why this is so ive tried several things. Some one recommended i put it like this


but this still didn't work, is this a problem that anybody else has encountered.

if any one could help id be grateful

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In your menu bar do you have any PHP variables like $name because if you also have a session called $_SESSION['name'] then $name will use that value.. I had this problem with a login script and confused me and alot of other people to hell and back! any values u use in PHP coding in your menu add a 1 at the end and see if that fixes the issue?

so $name would become $name1


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