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Converting from Blacklist to whitlist

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I'm new into php and have a script that uses a blacklist and would like to convert it to a whitelist but i can't seem to get it work
The code is two files the config file
[quote]function blacklist($url) {
$fil = @file("blacklist.txt");
$go = false;
for ($i=0; $i<count($fil); $i++) {
if (eregi(substr($fil[$i], 0, strlen($fil[$i])-3), $url)) {
$go = true;
if ($go)
return true;
return false;

And then in the file that inserts the info into the dasbase

[quote]if ($HTTP_POST_VARS && (!$HTTP_POST_VARS[sname] || !$HTTP_POST_VARS[surl] || !$HTTP_POST_VARS[title][0] || !$HTTP_POST_VARS[url][0] || !$HTTP_POST_VARS[type][0])) {
include "wrong.html";
} elseif ($HTTP_POST_VARS) {
if ($c->blacklist($surl))
$dont = true;
$dont = false;
if (!$dont) {
for ($i=0; $i<count($HTTP_POST_VARS[title]); $i++) {
if (!$title[$i] || !$url[$i] || !$type[$i] || $c->blacklist($url[$i]))
else {

$dato = $c->dato();
@mysql_query("INSERT INTO $c->mysql_tb_que (type, title, url, sname, surl, date, email) "
."VALUES ('$type[$i]','$title[$i]','$url[$i]','$sname','$surl','$dato','$email')");

include "thanks.html";
$inc = true;
} else
$inc = false;[/quote]

Can anybody give me some help on how to convert this to use a whitelist

Many thanks in advance

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