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select sum(time) from table

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I have problems summing up times using the following select:


$Query ="SELECT SUM(TimeField) from myTable";


I have tried to set to TimeField to be a TIME and a TIMESTAMP field.

What MySQL does it summarizes the time, but it counts to 100 on seconds and minutes.


1) 00:45:50

2) 00:20:21 => Output: 6571

I would like perform a select where I get to total time from all the records in HH:MM:SS format. Can anyone help please!

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Thanks a lot!


select SEC_TO_TIME(sum(TIME_TO_SEC(time_filed))) from table_name>; 

did not work but by adding AS Answer like


select SEC_TO_TIME(sum(TIME_TO_SEC(time_filed))) AS Answer from table_name>; 


I got it to work

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