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HTML Email (Source From File) keeping dynamic data

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I am writing a script to send an email template in HTML format. Now the template has dynamic data (ie name, email etc) using php code. I can then include this file into my email sending script to display the template as it will show in the email. The links are all in http://www.websitename.com/images etc so the email can find them from the users computer.

What im having trouble figuring out, how can i include the file with dynamic data, into a variable to use in the body seciont of the mail function... here is an example of what i want:

$bodytext = include ("file.html"); // <-- this returns 1 or 0, i want the data from the other file
echo $bodytext;
mail ("email@email",$bodytext,"titl","Content-type: html/text\n From: whoeva");

This does not send the email with the data from the html file...how can i do this?? Using file functions (ie File,fread etc) these dont inset the dynamic data.

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foreach ($template as line) {

That will work if you want it all stored in 1 variable i beleave


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